Balsamic Vinegar Caviar

Balsamic Vinegar Caviar

The method used in this simple recipe is known as "basic spherification" or "gelification", which nowadays is common in what is called molecular cuisine. It is actually extremely easy to make, and can be made with any liquid of your choice - the options and uses are endless - from appetizers, to salads to cocktails! All you need is a little patience and creativity! Once prepared, these little gems can be stored in the refrigerator for several days and will definitely impress your guests! (Keep in mind, the longer they are stored the more solid they will become.) Tips: - If you don't want to use all the vinegar mixture at once, you can store it and reheat again for later use. - Be sure to use steady gentle pressure when squeezing out the droplets from the pipette otherwise you will get air bubbles and they won't form into spheres. - The caviar does not have to be rinsed if you plan to serve them on a salad with olive oil. Serving Suggestions for Balsamic Vinegar Caviar: - On salads with olive oil, salt & pepper - On sliced tomatoes with some evoo - On fish or meat carpaccio or as decoration alongside your favorite sushiHave fun and experiment !

This recipe contains balsamic vinegar, agar powder, oil (vegetable), water,

Approximately 1 cup servings

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