Blackberry and Figs Chutney / Compote

Blackberry and Figs Chutney / Compote

I had the blackberry overload in my fridge. Also while putting the pantry together in the new house, came across some “dried” figs. I haven’t cooked anything fun since sometime because of the move. So I thought why not create some magic with these two together…..and voila ….the blackberry and fig together took a chutney/compote avatar ). I had to soak the figs since the dried ones were over dried . I love my spice so soaked half a dried red chili with it … The easiest thing that I have ever put together in no time. My 2&1/2 year loved it and wanted to eat more but I had to stop her. It looked beautiful. Get cooking with me now .

This recipe contains blackberries, figs (dried), chili (red, dried), black pepper, chili powder, salt, cumin (ground), sugar (brown), honey, vinegar, lemons, lemons

8 Servings

Prep time: 1 hr +

Cook time: 5 min