BBQ’d Portobello Sliders

BBQ’d Portobello Sliders

I’m not a meat eater. I haven’t been for years – make that about 15 years, but who’s counting?! Although I would eat chicken or turkey every now and again (until ~5 years ago), and I still eat fish, hamburgers have long been off my food rotation. Now veggie burgers, those are a different story. Too bad all my family and friends aren’t as convinced of their deliciousness as I am…While I do try to influence others to eat a diet primarily made up of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats, I am not one to scrutinize others or to hound on them for enjoying food that I personally shun. However, I am quite clever when it comes to “tricking” those around me into enjoying food that is extremely healthy and nutritious; slowly converting one veggie-anarchist at a time. One of my latest feats – the Slider. Made up of Mini-Portobellos, this mushroom’s meaty texture not only enables it to stay juicy and tender when grilled, but allows it to perfectly soak up the flavors of marinades and rubs alike. This version of meaty-meatless burgers, paired with a BBQ rub, BBQ sauce, and grilled onions will convince even the manliest-man that eating vegetarian can be hearty and satisfying.

This recipe contains mushrooms (portobello, baby), olive oil, bbq rub, onions, herbes de provence, barbecue sauce, arugula, rolls (whole wheat)

4 Servings

Prep time:

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