Fabulous New York Cheesecake

Fabulous New York Cheesecake

Hands down this is my all time favorite dessert. The unique thing about this recipe is that you can with an easy substitution make this two ways. My personal favorite is the thick dense stick to the roof of your mouth cheesecake, a slightly lighter a little less dense and more airy result is a simple substitition of whipped cream cheese for the original version.I don't often mention brands, but in this case I did try to make the cheesecake once with a store brand cream cheese and it did not come out as well as Philadelphia brand cream cheese original, but the choice is yours.The one "Big Tip" for baking here is once the baking time is up turn the oven off but DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN FOR 1 HOUR. This allows the cake to cool slowly and prevents most cracking on the top. Also you will be baking in a springform pan, make sure it is water tight, if not line it on the outside with aluminum foil.

This recipe contains cream cheese, sour cream, vanilla extract, sugar, butter, cornstarch, lemons, eggs, graham crackers, butter, sugar

12 Servings

Prep time:

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