Almond Cookie Bar

Almond Cookie Bar

This is the Almond Cookie Bar that I made last weekend. I scribbled down the recipe on a memo pad many years ago, put it in my folder and had completely forgotten from where did I get this recipe. If anyone of you know the link of this recipe please let me know. This Almond Cookie Bar is really worth trying and addictive as it's very crispy and fragrant with every bite that makes me reaching out for more. Definitely a keeper! I should have doubled the recipe so that I can have more to share with my family and friends.

This recipe contains , sugar (brown), butter, flour (whole wheat), flour, , jam (apricot), butter, almonds (sliced), cereal (corn flakes), sugar (brown), milk, oats

2 Dozen

Prep time: 15 min

Cook time: 30 min