Almond paprika

Almond paprika

when i saw an almond tree at my backyard I was amazed . The Tree was full of green almonds and they looked so fresh and tempting that I thought I must prepare something out of it.A friend of mine once told me, that raw green almonds are a delicacy because they stay for a very little time and can't be stored thus, they are not very easily available in the market . Did you know that in Iran they eat it raw with salt as a snack!Fresh Green Almonds are available during April and May. Fresh, green almonds produces a peach-like feel over green skin. A translucent, gelatinous substance surrounds the nut inside. Trans-fat-free and cholesterol-free, fresh green almonds provide the same nutritional benefits as dry roasted almonds which include protein, dietary fiber, vitamin E, calcium, iron and a trace of vitamin C. One-fourth cup contains about 180 calories. The young nut taste pairs well with compatible lemony flavors. To store, keep refrigerated up to three weeks. Almonds are a little tangy in taste with a little lemony flavor . I thought I must try something unusual with these delicious green almonds so I tried almond paprika. I gave it that name because I used a lot of green and red pepper in it to give it a tangy and spicy taste .

This recipe contains almonds (raw), bell peppers (green), bell peppers (red), carrots, garlic (fresh), tomatoes, chiles (green), , ghee, salt, chili powder, sugar, ketchup

2-3 servings

Prep time: 15 min

Cook time: 10 min