Breakfast: Waffles

Breakfast: Waffles

Breakfast is a very important meal of the day. During the week we prepare a good and healthy breakfast, but fast. During the week-end life slows down and we do have time to treat ourselves to a more elaborate breakfast. Now that school is out, here is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a great big breakfast more often.The unanimous choice: Waffles. The below recipe is an adaptation from the Joy of cooking. For us the amount of butter, 8 tablespoons, is perfect. I have tried with less and with more, but 8 is where is at. I do not like to let my waffle crisp too much. Little butter spread on top is all we prefer. We love maple syrup…We served fresh strawberries with our waffles.Enjoy!!Today's June 11, 2012 breakfast:Waffle with Strawberries

This recipe contains flour (all-purpose), baking powder, sugar, salt, eggs, butter (unsalted), milk, vanilla extract, sugar (powdered, confectioners)

4 Servings

Prep time: 10 min

Cook time: 10 min