Marbled Tea Eggs

Marbled Tea Eggs

Marbled tea eggs are commonly sold in Chinese herbal shops or in tea shops in Malaysia and is more often eaten as a snack as it is very portable and convenient. Eggs symbolise new life and rebirth, and is an ancient symbol of fertility. They also represent fertility and wealth in the Chinese culture. Some refer eggs to golden nuggets mainly because of the golden yellow yolk. This tea egg is special and beautiful with its marbled effect created from the cracked shells simmered and marinated in spiced tea for hours to flavour the egg.

This recipe contains eggs, water, tea (black,bags), soy sauce, soy sauce (dark), cinnamon stick, star anise, five spice powder, black pepper, orange peel, sugar

8 Servings

Prep time: < 5 min

Cook time: 2 hr 15 min