Mandarin and Ruby Red Grapefruit Tiramisu

Mandarin and Ruby Red Grapefruit Tiramisu

Autumn has truly set in and that means time for a new season and produce. I had a little pop up on my facebook from Harris Farm Markets about Mandimisu (Mandarin Tiramisu) now that Imperial Mandarins are in season. This got me really excited as I love doing twists on traditional/classical dishes. I did not get the recipe from there, I have a really good tiramisu recipe which I modified to arrive on this citrus beauty - Mandarin and Red Grapefruit Tiramisu. It is so so so delicious, I couldn't stop tasting it. If mandarins or grapefruits are not available where you are, use clementines, oranges or blood oranges. I hope you enjoy my citrus twist on tiramisu.

This recipe contains heavy cream, mascarpone, lady fingers, sugar (caster), oranges (mandarin), grapefruit (ruby), eggs

4 serves servings

Prep time: 40 min

Cook time: