Mocha Risotto

Mocha Risotto

This is rice pudding with a whole lot of attitude! It's made with risotto rice, it has chocolate and it has coffee - perfect for Easter or any other occasion! How does one eat it? As is, unadorned, is always going to be good. Of course, a dollop of ice cream, some clotted cream, or my favourite, some mascarpone, enhances the experience by giving you another layer of flavour. Hot or room temperature is a decision you’ll have to make, I personally prefer it warm, the contrast with whatever cold complement you serve will tease your senses, enhancing the experience further.

This recipe contains rice (arborio), milk, water, milk (condensed, sweetened), sugar, espresso (ground), butter, vanilla extract, chocolate (dark)

4 - 6 Servings

Prep time:

Cook time: 40 min