Panko Prawns

Panko Prawns

I am not too much of a shopper. I always go to the store with my grocery list and can get a cart filled pretty fast with all the necessity. I know where everything is located and get lost when the store plays cute with me and changes things around. The audacity of the marketing department to mess with my shopping!!With that said, we are fortunate to have a wonderful service by Pete at Personal Gourmet Foods. All our meat, poultry and fish is delivered to us. Each piece is individually packaged. No more packages of 5 pieces for a family of 4… with that also come the bountiful selection of quality meats, fish and poultry that we can choose from.Fish is always the first item that is running low and we love the selection that is presented to us.Prawns are a favorite and almost a staple.Usually we prepare pasta with them but last night I was in the mood of something different and decided to prepare them as I would chicken cutlets: with panko and egg mixture.Deliciously fun dinner enjoyed with a green salad.A strawberry sorbet ended a fun and great evening.Bon Appetit!!Giangi

This recipe contains prawns, flour (all-purpose), eggs, bread crumbs, bread crumbs (panko), cheese (parmesan), marjoram, oil, salt, black pepper

4 servings

Prep time: 15 min

Cook time: 20 min