Orange Choco Chip Cake

Orange Choco Chip Cake

This cake recipe is simple and delicious. I used the creaming method for this which works very well. The orange juice and the zest gave the cake a refreshing flavour. I always love a cake which is soft, moist and has few crumbs and this is one of those cakes. I didn't have any chocolate chips at home so I used semi sweet dark chocolate. In the pictures you can see that I have put the bottom side of the cake on top. The reason for that is to show you my mistake. You can see that all the chocolate chips have sunk at the bottom and that is caused by folding the cake mixture too much after you add the chocolate chips. Just fold it twice once you have added the chocolate chips.

This recipe contains butter, sugar (caster), flour, baking powder, eggs, vanilla extract, oranges, oranges, chocolate (dark, chips)

Makes 1 – 8 inch round cake servings

Prep time: 25 min

Cook time: 25 min