New York Strip Steak w Asparagus & Mini Bell Peppers

New York Strip Steak w Asparagus & Mini Bell Peppers

We started our Memorial Day weekend with steaks rather than our normal fish Fridays, but there were no objections from the girls and no objections from myself. But rather they were pleasantly surprised and happy to have something different than Korean food (which is not often) and a full-on meat course. We chose a nice T-bone steak and New York strip steak for the adults, while the kids got a more tender sirloin tip steak (at least to the kids) along with some yummy side vegetables. We wanted to do some traditional grilling outdoors (as is custom for the holidays) but honestly I dislike grilling with a passion. Maybe my tragic past involved some sort of grilling incident but something inside me detests grilling and most likely burning my precious meats. Also, there is just way too much prepping, marinating, wrapping, plating, and "charcoaling" (yes that's word) involved to make it worth grilling. In any case, we enjoyed ourselves an awesome dish balanced with some healthy vegetables. Our steaks were very tender (even the kids too) with each slice getting better with each bite. If it weren't for environmental, health, and ethical reasons, we could possibly eat this way every day. Okay, maybe not every day, every other day....

This recipe contains steak (strip, new york), steak (t-bone), steak seasoning, salt, garlic powder, butter, bell peppers (mini), asparagus, onions (green/spring), olive oil, teriyaki sauce, sesame seed, black pepper

2 Servings

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