Polla alla Parmigiana

Polla alla  Parmigiana

Tired of the eating our staple chicken cutlets, I decided to give it a fresh look and made chicken Parmigiana last night instead. A couple of spoonful of tomato sauce, a staple in my refrigerator, over the chicken, adding a slice of fresh mozzarella over it, a new dinner was prepared. Chicken breast pounded thin are wonderful with it also. I love mozzarella and therefore I did cut my mozzarella too thick and it did not melt as fast as I wished. Chopped or thinner slices would be fine. Tomatoes sauce of your liking. The variation of this dish are endless. I like to stay close to my Italian roots when it comes to tomatoes sauce, light and simple. Bon Appetit!! Giangi

This recipe contains chicken breasts (boneless skinless), flour (all-purpose), eggs, bread crumbs, bread crumbs (panko), cheese (parmesan), marjoram, oil, salt, tomato sauce, cheese (mozzarella, fresh), black pepper

6 servings

Prep time: 20 min

Cook time: 20 min