Pork Chops with Garlic Cream

Pork Chops with Garlic Cream

Garlic lovers get ready to be swept off your feet. 12 whole garlic cloves softened while infusing the heavy cream, white wine and shallots, with a deep roasted garlic flavor I can only say: wow!! Blended to a puree and served alongside the pork chops… could just drink it all.We love bone in chops. To get the pork chops to cook and yet stay tender, I always sear them first over high heat and then place them into the warm oven. . Make sure to pay attention to the smoke, if any, while cooking the chops in the oven.This sauce could also be used over lamb.Made mash potatoes alongside.Bon Appetit!!Giangi

This recipe contains butter (unsalted), shallots, wine (white, dry), thyme (fresh), salt, heavy cream, milk (buttermilk), garlic, pork chops (bone in), oil (vegetable), thyme (fresh), black pepper

4 Servings

Prep time: 10 min

Cook time: 1 hr 15 min