Pork with Blueberry Sauce

Pork with Blueberry Sauce

I present to you this deliciously easy and quick recipe. In under 20 minutes you’ll have yourself an exotic dinner. Great for a romantic meal served with red wine or also for the whole family to enjoy! Blueberry’s are packed with antioxidants and are in season. You can omit the pork for roast chicken, both proteins go great with this blueberry sauce. Don’t hesitate to try this because it’s super healthy, easy, and delicious!

This recipe contains pork chops, onions (red), blueberries, limes, balsamic vinegar, sugar (brown), oil (canola), salt, , black pepper, parsley (fresh), cilantro (fresh)

4 Servings servings

Prep time: 10 min

Cook time: 20 min