Potatoes, Bacon, Chicken Omelette

Potatoes, Bacon, Chicken Omelette

We had some left over chicken but it was not enough to make a whole meal out of it. All day I was thinking of way of incorporating it in our nightly dinner. The idea of having an omelette for dinner is not foreign to me as it is a meal that in France we do enjoy at dinner time as well. My dad, as a matter of fact, used to prepare for us often while growing up with any left overs we had.The potatoes and bacon are just another perfect omelette if no left over are around. just do not forget to add parsley as it just adds the final touch to the dish.I happened to have chicken, but any meat cut up fine is also great. I do however love my omelette running.A nice Boston lettuce salad was a perfect side dish.TIP: Use 2 eggs per person. Season them with salt and pepper prior to adding them to the pan. Taste the potatoes-chicken before adding the eggs and rectify the seasoning if needed.Use extra lean bacon center cut bacon as it will not render too much fat. It none available, make sure you remove any fat rendered before adding the chicken

This recipe contains bacon, chicken breasts (boneless skinless), potatoes, eggs, olive oil, salt, parsley (fresh), black pepper

4 servings

Prep time:

Cook time: 40 min