Prawns Quesadillas

Prawns Quesadillas

Wanting to make something different for dinner was on my mind all day. I picked up several of my cook books but I nothing jumped at me or stimulated my taste buds. As I am on my car on my way to pick up my son, dinner was formulating in my mind and the idea of quesadillas lingered long enough to me grab it and go with it. “I will make a dinner with a Mexican flair” I said to myself. With that, also came the idea of going grocery shopping, which, as you know, it is not my favorite thing to do, thus having Pete from Personal Gourmet Foods deliver my meat at the house. Not to mention that I never cook Mexican food, I was entering unchartered waters here and not quite feeling at ease. No, I wanted to see what I could come up without a small detour to the grocery store. We enjoy fish tacos at a small chain restaurant near our house, so why not try to replicate the flavors that we so much enjoy, and adding my personal twist to it? And I have everything at home. The below recipe was created by me as I was going along. Caramelized onions was my only option as I am not particularly fond of raw onions I have to admit. All the steps are easy to prepare and take very little time to cook. The sweetness of the caramelized onions combined with the bitterness of the cabbage, was a good combination. We devoured our quesadillas and the blend of flavors was quite close to our favorite fish tacos but in a crisp quesadilla shell.

This recipe contains prawns, onions, butter (unsalted), sugar, cabbage, butter, lemons, water, salt, parsley (fresh), garlic, butter, wine (white), sour cream, tortillas (flour), black pepper

4 servings

Prep time:

Cook time: 25 min