Prawns with Lemon Chive Butter Sauce

Prawns with Lemon Chive Butter Sauce

People have “writer’s block”, last night I had “kitchen block”. I had absolutely no idea what I was going to make, even less had any suggestions shared with me. I was on my own with my refrigerator. Luckily for me, Pete at Personal Gourmet Foods keeps my freezer well stacked with all sorts of wonderful meats and fishes, something that I recommend to every one, therefore my quest did not last too long. Prawns were it. A basic shallots, wine, butter sauce with chives, and please do not get scared by the amount of butter, trust me it is worth it, our dinner was prepared rather quickly. Rosemary or tarragon can be a good replacements for the chives. Make sure you taste and decide the amount of flavor you like, tarragon may be too pungent if too much is used. Start cooking the rice before preparing the prawns as it takes the longest. I decided to put the sauce on the side for dipping and slightly drizzle over the prawns. Something fun and different and I hope you will enjoy it. Bon Appetit!!Giangi

This recipe contains prawns, olive oil, wine (white), shallots, chives (dried), butter (unsalted), lemons, ginger (fresh), creole seasoning, salt, black pepper

4 servings

Prep time: 10 min

Cook time: 15 min