Rotolo di Carne

Rotolo di Carne

Here is another wonderful dish that my mom shared with me and that I am sharing with all of you. I was able to taste this dish both ways: hot and cold. Love it cold. The Fontina cheese may be replaced with Provolone. Do not use American cheese as it will melt too much and not stay put in the “Rotolo”. It is important the if you choose to eat it cold, the meat is wrapped immediately and placed in the refrigerator. By doing such all the juices will stay put and keep the meat nice and tender. Fresh spinach make all the difference in the flavor. We had it with roasted carrots and potatoes with a green salad. A great glass of Chardonnay is perfect if served cold. Cabernet if hot. Enjoy.

This recipe contains steak (flat iron), eggs, spinach, cheese (parmesan), ham, cheese (fontina), bell peppers (red), salt, black pepper

4 - 4 Servings

Prep time: 20 min

Cook time: 30 min