Raspberry-Basil Spritzer

Raspberry-Basil Spritzer

Using fresh ingredients always makes cocktails more interesting and when I noticed I had some raspberries and basil in the fridge it sounded like a great combination of flavors. Basil has a light savory flavor while raspberries offer a balanced blend of tartness and sweetness. A perfect combination of flavors for a spritzer.Spritzers are a drink originating in Germany, traditionally using a combination of white wine and club soda. The modern twists on this classic have begun using spirits instead of white wine, a change which allows for a refreshing drink which can be flavored in whatever way you see fit. By using vodka, a notoriously flavorless spirit, the raspberries become the star of the cocktail with subtle undertone of basil and honey. A truly refreshing drink.

This recipe contains vodka, basil (fresh), raspberries, , lime juice, club soda, basil (fresh)

1 Cocktail servings

Prep time: < 5 min

Cook time: