Rice & Bean Burrito with Homemade Tortilla

Rice & Bean Burrito with Homemade Tortilla

Mexican does not have to be a guilty pleasure; it can be incredibly flavorful, fresh and a healthy meal. Brown rice, beans, salsa, fresh cilantro and a little shredded cheese all wrapped up in a homemade whole wheat tortilla. The tortilla is very similar to a crepe batter, very thin and a bit delicate. To top it off a simple tomato avocado salad.

This recipe contains , flour (whole wheat), garlic powder, salt, black pepper, eggs, water, , rice (brown, instant), beans (kidney), salsa, cheese (monterey jack), , cilantro, avocados, tomatoes (roma), olives (black), limes

approx 8 servings

Prep time:

Cook time: 30 min