Spinach Malfatti With Sage Brown Butter Sauce

Spinach Malfatti With Sage Brown Butter Sauce

In Italian, malfatti translates to "bad made." Unlike gnocchi, their dumpling cousin, malfatti are more "roughly" made: hand-rolled, then crudely cut without much thought to uniformity or perfection. But that's precisely what makes them so lovely - their provincial form and handmade taste. Because they're made mostly with ricotta and contain very little flour, the result are light and airy pillows, a feat not so easily achieved in gnocchi making. In fact, if you've ever made gnocchi you'll find that more times than not they turn out more dense than you'd like, and you have to concentrate fiercely on the task at hand, making sure to not overwork the dough. Malfatti, on the other hand, are easy to make and hard to ruin. You can actually do other things as you gingerly roll and cut, like sing along to the opera piping out of your Bose and take sips of your Cabernet!

This recipe contains cheese (ricotta), spinach (fresh), bread crumbs (italian), eggs, cheese (parmesan), onions (green/spring), basil, nutmeg, garlic, salt, flour, butter, sage (fresh)

2-4 servings servings

Prep time: 1 hr +

Cook time: 20 min