Stuffed Jumbo Shells Pasta

Stuffed Jumbo Shells Pasta

I really enjoy cooking every night, however and I am faced, as every one is, with the eternal question from my family: “What is for dinner tonight?” Yesterday I was the one that asked that question to my little guy with the hope that he would say: steak with pasta and broccoli, as it is one of his favorite meal. Oh No..That would have been too easy! With a very serious look and a few minutes of consideration, he looks at me straight into the eyes and says: Stuffed pasta with tomatoes sauce. I just stared back at him with no reply. His request was specific, and after all I am the one that asked.I just so happened that I had in my pantry jumbo shell pasta from Barilla, and in the freezer a jar of ravioli filling that I made for us a week ago. The only thing remaining was a simple béchamel and tomatoes sauce. Dinner was great, but most of all my son loved the fact that he had a say on what was for dinner and ate as much as I did. He is so looking forward to lunch today as he made sure we had some left over and I can give them to him on his lunch box.

This recipe contains , cheese (ricotta), cheese (mozzarella), pasta (shell), bechamel sauce, tomato sauce, cheese (mozzarella, shredded), butter

4 servings

Prep time: 10 min

Cook time: 30 min