Stufz Bastille Burger

Stufz Bastille Burger

Last week Dave Hanson from “Stufz Ultimate Burger” sent us one of his burger stuffers. Which we thought was really cool because I had been looking at this very same unit for a few weeks now. So, we got to thinking about flavors that we really like. How about a good Cabernet mixed into the meat and blue cheese? Good Stuff. Can you put that in a burger? Absolutely!! Then, add some sweet onion, garlic and mushrooms sautéed with a little bacon. We are truly headed for a delicious experience. Here’s what we came up with. A 2 inch stuffed burger, weighing in at a little over a half pound after stuffing served up on a french roll with homemade smoked garlic mayo, piled high with fresh lettuce and tomato. Most Excellent.

This recipe contains beef (ground), wine (cabernet), garlic (granulated), black pepper, seasoning salt, , onions (red), mushrooms, garlic (fresh), bacon, wine (cabernet), cheese (blue)

2 Servings

Prep time: 15 min

Cook time: 20 min