Yummy Nutella Ice Cream

Yummy Nutella Ice Cream

One of our favorite kitchen appliances is the ice cream maker. We are totally hooked on making ice cream. We hadn’t, however, been having too much luck with the American, or Philadelphia, style ice cream. This type of ice cream is made without eggs. Most of the time, we liked the taste, but the ice cream basically turned into a brick when placed in the freezer. After seeing Melissa Clark’s article in the New York Times about this style of ice cream and tips to get around the freezing issue, we had renewed interest in playing around with the custard-free method. Here is a yummy Nutella ice cream recipe based on some of the principles we learned from her article.

This recipe contains whipping cream, milk (low fat), sugar, cocoa powder, salt (kosher), vanilla extract, chocolate hazelnut spread, whiskey

1 quart servings

Prep time: 30 min

Cook time: 1 hr