Upside-Down Vegetarian Apple and Cinnamon Pie

Upside-Down Vegetarian Apple and Cinnamon Pie

I don't usually eat baked goodies because I'm not a huge fan of flour-based desserts but this pie is definitely a must-try! It is just perfect for this season and you'll love how all flavors blend together. Also, you can substitute apples with any other fruit you like; I also tried it with sour cherries and peaches and it's just as great. I will not make a habit from eating baked desserts (I still prefer them raw) but from time to time a lovely, warm dessert like this one is just perfect especially now when it's so cold outside.

This recipe contains eggs, apples, flour (rye), sugar (cane), oil, lemons, baking soda, vanilla extract, rum extract, cinnamon (ground), water

12 servings servings

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