Sweet, Spicy Cherry Tomato Pasta

Sweet, Spicy Cherry Tomato Pasta

I have this thing, I suppose you could call it a challenge. It's a personal challenge, kind of secret, until now. It's about pasta. It's also about cooking quickly. The thing is I like to challenge myself to make a really tasty sauce in the time, or less than the time it takes to cook my pasta. I have loads of these sauces - some of them are so simple I don't dare to even call them a sauce. This is the latest in that category. And, like most of my recipes, it's very forgiving - you can play with the flavors to suit your taste. Give it a go, just don't get caught up in my crazy challenges.

This recipe contains olive oil, shallots, garlic (fresh), chili (red, dried), bacon, tomatoes (cherry), tomatoes, tomatoes (puree), lemons, honey, balsamic vinegar, parsley (fresh), salt, cheese (parmesan), black pepper, basil (fresh), olive oil, pasta (angel hair)

4 servings

Prep time: 15 min

Cook time: 20 min