Swordfish Moutarde

Swordfish Moutarde

I really enjoy cooking. Spending time in the kitchen is something that I really look forward to it. Seeing Pete from Personal Gourmet Foods is even more of a treat. He always has something new for me to try. He knows how much we all enjoy fish so he convinced me to try swordfish. Now, I had swordfish in the past and I liked it, but not love it. Well… as of last night I am in love with swordfish. The pieces that he gave me were all uniformly cut, but the flavor and tenderness: out of this world. New fish, new recipe. We had a very limited time last night for an elaborate dinner and fifteen minutes is all it took from start to end to prepare dinner. Love it, but then this is why I started my journey with this blog. I love moutarde or mustard and wanted to use it with the fillets in a form of a sauce. This sauce is a combination of sauces that I have made and really enjoyed. Simplicity is the key. We served over a bed of lettuce, which I prepared the vinaigrette with lemon instead or vinegar.

This recipe contains fish (swordfish), butter (unsalted), mustard, fish stock, heavy cream, parsley, salt, black pepper

4 servings

Prep time: 10 min

Cook time: 15 min