Vegetable Fried Wontons

Vegetable Fried Wontons

Since making our pork flower dumplings a couple weeks ago, those leftover wonton wrappers have just been calling out to us. “Please use me, for the love of god please use me!” could be heard every time we opened the refrigerator door. These exclamations probably rang so clear because there they were, right there on the top shelf on the side of the fridge door. Not hidden way in the back or in one of the drawers or lost under a pile of stuff. Right there on the side of the door. So, being that the refrigerator door is opened multiple times a day, we caved. This time, we went veggie. We minced up some sturdy vegetables like jicama, carrot, and celery, gave them a soak in a savory sauce, and then deep fried them to get a crunchy golden exterior. The really neat thing is that they are more flavorful than almost any meat dumpling I’ve had! Some cinnamon sprinkled on top adds a nice final touch and helps round out the sweet, savory inside with a bit of fragrant spice on the outside.

This recipe contains onions (green/spring), jicama, carrots, celery, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, oyster sauce, honey, rice vinegar, chicken broth, wonton wrappers, oil (canola), cinnamon, sweet and sour sauce

16 servings

Prep time: 20 min

Cook time: 40 min