Taco Seasoning - Homemade

Taco Seasoning - Homemade

I started making my own seasonings when I started eating clean. That way I knew exactly what I was putting into my food, instead of all the unpronounceable ingredients that come in a packet of store bought seasoning mix. I always double this, that way I have it ready to go for the next time. Also, you don't have to stick to just using this seasoning on tacos; think of it as a "Southwestern Seasoning" too. However, if you are using for tacos, use 2 tbsp per 1lb of meat.

This recipe contains chili powder, cumin (ground), onion powder, garlic powder, oregano (dried), paprika (smoked), salt (sea), coriander (ground)

1/4 cup servings

Prep time: < 5 min

Cook time: