Spiced Chicken & Honeynut Squash Tostadas

Spiced Chicken & Honeynut Squash Tostadas

These zesty tostadas get depth of flavor from red onion used two ways: roasted with petite honeynut squash to bring out their sweetness, and pickled with a bit of vinegar and sugar for bright, tangy flavor. We’re piling the roasted vegetables along with Mexican-spiced chicken onto toasted tortillas. With a cooling layer of sour cream— and pops of tartness from the pulp of finger limes—tonight’s dish has all the satisfying texture and flavor tostadas are known for.

This recipe contains chicken breasts (boneless skinless), tortillas (corn), limes, onions (red), sugar, cider vinegar, sour cream, chili powder (mexican/ancho), paprika (smoked), garlic powder, cumin (ground), oregano (dried), squash (butternut), olive oil, salt, black pepper

2 Servings

Prep time: 10 min

Cook time: 40 min